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2019 Sessions

NOTE: New students may enroll in Spring 2019 session.
Please check back for confirmation, 2019 dates are tentative and subject to change.

SPRING 2019: Feb 03 - Apr 28 (11 week session)
no class 2/17 & 4/21 President's Day; Easter Sunday

SUMMER 2019: Jun 02 - Aug 25 (11 week session)
no class 6/16 & 6/30 Father's Day; July 4th Holiday

FALL 2019: Sep 08 - Oct 21 (7 week session)
no class 10/13 Indigenous Peoples’ Day

How to Enroll Enrollment Form

How to Enroll

For Spring 2019 session, children 5+ are welcome to enroll. No hula experience is required.

Sessions are held on SUNDAY morning from 10 - 11AM, and 11-12Noon (advanced).
Location - Downtown High School
693 Vermont (btw 18th & 19th)
San Francisco, CA

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One hour sessions includes basic Hawaiian language for children; counting, colors, days of the week, and other hula directions and commands. These are then incorporated into basic hula 'steps', which is the foundation of a hula dancer.

Attire for girls are hula Pa'u skirts. Boys should wear comfortable shorts or sweats. Skirts may be purchased from Aunty Laurie Smith at registration. Prices begin at $20. Sewing Instructions are available.

Yoga mats are required and are available for purchase at registration for $3.00.

Tuition is $150.00 each student per semester (Fall semester is $75). Discounts given if two or more siblings are enrolled.

Enrollment Form:
Please complete the KEIKI Enrollment Form. Return via email or bring with you to register.

If you need more information, please email Aunty Bobbie.